Sunday. Get after it.

Posted: October 21, 2012 by bbodnarchuk in Uncategorized

Sunday’s around our place are pretty low key. I think that is truly the essence of what a Sunday is and should be, however I am always keen to mix in some physical exercise along with the sofa lounging with my wife.

Today I find myself sitting indoors watching some NFL football and not very motivated to do much more. Lacking motivation I decided to check back in on a pretty amazing link I came across the other day on Twitter.

Alan Watts is a new find for me, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This Brit has published some incredible writings, and some of his audio clips you can find on his site are thought provoking and motivating.

I am intrigued to learn more about Mr Watts, and even more intrigued to drown myself in his literature.

It isn’t very often that I come across a piece of literature that speaks to me in so many ways, and at the moment as I am trying to make sense of what I am doing with my life and career, his words are proving to be very helpful.

If you’re looking to inspire your senses, check him out.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday and don’t forger to get after it!