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Reasons to run…part deux.

Posted: August 19, 2010 by sarahbod in FOOD, reasons to RUN, run, travel

After 10 amazing days on the East coast Brad and I have returned to reality. Reality as they say…bites! We had a great time visiting with family and friends and attending the epic party that was Lee and Chantelle’s wedding.  I actually got some runs in during our time there.Thankfully my mother-in-law and the Best Western Charlottetown have a treadmill.  It was a little too humid for my liking to run outside. I decided early on in our vacation that I really had no choice but to run, considering the following:

1. I love lobster…and  there was plenty to be had.

Me enjoying some PEI lobster courtesy of the newlyweds.

Me enjoying some PEI lobster courtesy of the newlyweds.

2. I love Cow’s ice cream.


We just had to have some. I mean...we were in the birthplace of Cow's ice cream.

3. I love bbq’d hamburgers!!!


How could I say no to these cute bbq chefs?!?

4. I love chocolate…maybe even addicted.


I just had to try a few of these at the would have been rude not to!

So, as I have said in the past…empty calories do not burn themselves. Which is why I ran during my holiday and will continue to run after the 1/2 marathon. For now…back to training. With the run fast approaching I have to get my km’s up and put in some more hill time! Maybe tomorrow? That is if I get my packing done for Vegas in good time! Doesn’t every 1/2 marathon training schedule recommend a girls trip to Sin City 2 weeks before race day??? I know mine must have! SB