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Happy Birthday to a mini pirate!!

Posted: November 11, 2010 by sarahbod in family, mini pirates

Happy Birthday to Kayson who turned 3 yesterday!!!

Now that's one cute pirate!!!

No running today … tomorrow … 10km? SB


We did it!!!!

Posted: September 8, 2010 by sarahbod in 1/2 marathon, mini pirates, RACES, travel

I’m so happy to announce that the piraterunners have completed their first 1/2 marathon together as a team. It was such an amazing day. The weather was perfect and the energy was electric. I’m so proud of each one of us! Our official times are as follows:

Tony (Plum smuggler) Welch – 2 hrs 06 min

Brad and Sarah Bodnarchuk (Yes, my amazing husband ran with me the entire time!) – 2 hrs 30 min

Lisa (Lola) Welch – 2 hrs 45 min

Trish (“the pirate runner”) Ideias – 2 hrs 55 min

I can’t forget to mention that both Kayson and Stella completed their first 100m race and Deacon, his first diaper dash.

Deacon, resting up for the big race.

Well, he slept through it but recieved an A for effort.

Stella, super excited about her medal!!

I took the time to ask each of my fellow piraterunners the following questions. Just to get their final thoughts on the run.

1. Who or what was your inspiration during the run?

Tony: My Dad.      Lisa: Other runners who were running in memory of someone.

Brad: My cousin Luke.    Trish: My husband and daughter.   Sarah: My husband

and his amazing cousin Luke.

2. What song “pumped” you up the most during the run?

Tony: Not afraid-Eminem.   Lisa: Soul sister-Train   Brad: Cochise-Audioslave

Trish: Bamboo Banger-MIA   Sarah: Brooklyn we go hard-JayZ

3. What mile did you think…”I don’t know if I’ll make it?”

Tony: 10. When my knee gave out.   Lisa: 12. So close, yet so far away!

Brad: 8. Blister was really hurting.   Trish: Always knew I would. 😉

Sarah: 12. So close, yet so far. Body was hurting!!

4.What was your first thought after crossing the finish?

Tony: Thank God!! What’s my time?    Lisa: Hallelujah!!!   Brad: I need food!!!

Trish: Thank God I’m done!!!   Sarah: Thank you God!!! Where’s the bananas??

5. Which body part hurt the most after the run?

Tony: Right knee.   Lisa: Crotch pain, like pregnancy.   Brad: Knees.

Trish: Legs hurt the most. Felt better running than walking.

Sarah: My hips, lower back, butt, knees…..

Congrats again to all the piraterunners. Even the mini ones. Can’t wait to read all of your individual blogs and see more pics. Now back to my glass of wine.  SB

Who are the piraterunners?

Posted: July 30, 2010 by piraterunner in mini pirates, piraterunners

Todays feature is on Lisa. Heck, I figured if featuring Tony (plum smuggler) last week got him blogging it might work for Lisa. As Tony mention yesterday Lisa has been super diligent with her runs. How this woman finds time with those pint sized pirates around I will never know. Lisa has stated that it is bad enough that we are making her run, let alone blogging about it! She also said that she is going to start listening to an ipod when she runs just so she doesn’t have to talk to anyone. Gotta love this girl!


P.S. we really need a good nickname for the plum smugglers wife, any suggestions?

Who are the piraterunners?

Posted: July 21, 2010 by piraterunner in mini pirates, piraterunners

Well, since he won’t come on here and blog about himself I figured I would introduce you to one of our valued members Tony! Tony a loving husband to Lisa and father to our mini-piraterunner/crawler’s Kayson and Deacon

I sincerely hope that in keeping with our pirate theme Tony will be sporting his banana hammock to run the race. The only thing that can rival this plum smuggler is Brad’s belly top…

Naw, nothing tops the speedo! Great picture of Brad and Sarah. Is anyone else insanely envious of Brad and Tony’s tight tummies?????