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Ready or not, here we come!!!

Posted: September 2, 2010 by Grape Ape in 1/2 marathon, L.A., RACES

Alright, only a few days left and I am feeling as far from ready as could be. A month ago I was ready to kill this run but I may have taken a couple wrong turns in my traing which lead me to trying to run on a knee that is only about 80%. Oh well, if Terry Fox could do it on one leg I can do this with a sore knee. My concern isn’t finishing the race, it is just about being faster than a sumo wrestler on a ricksha. Well to all you pirates and all you runners but mostly just those pirate runners, it has been fun to have people to virtually train with and I am excited and can’t wait. I will leave you with one last add for your playlist, enjoy. Slum Smuggler out.


Packing sucks…

Posted: September 1, 2010 by piraterunner in 1/2 marathon, L.A., RACES, travel

Well since Glen is bringing his golf clubs and I am bringing Stella’s bigass stroller that leaves us with with one suitcase 50lbs cause the items listed above count as a piece each, then we each get a carry-on. WHY DO WE NEED SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!! seriously stressing over packing. on the bright side i did just book this lovely hotel for our stay in San Diego Miss Stella is gonna love those water slides!!!!! (okay me too a little bit) Talk about leaving things to the last minute. Oohh, they also sell smores kits to make around the fire! Two more sleeps till we are off! Want to thank all of the fabulous pirate runner’s for all their hard work, this weekend is going to be  AMAZING!!!!!! Also want to wish Sarah and Brad an early Happy First Anniversary!!!!!!! Aren’t they beautiful!!!! Happy Running can’t wait to see you all!!!!!!!

Hey kids make sure you gots all your papers in order. Go to the link here if you haven’t yet, top right hand corner (the wee one’s have to have one signed too)

Can you believe that in exactly 4 weeks today we will be running this super fun race! Have you seen this prize yet? 13.1 gets you this super shiny metal that may or may not have been made in China

And i think the coast to coast medal looks something like this (hopefully this will make you ladies want to do the Princess Half Marathon in February!!!)

Have you seen the coarse yet? Well here is the official race guide, good read!


Have a fabulous week! TI

Let the REAL fun begin

Posted: July 5, 2010 by bbodnarchuk in L.A., RACES

Good day my lonely PirateRunner Blog. It has been awhile, hasn’t it?

Here’s the latest and greatest.

As of yesterday, July 4th 2010 I competed in and completed my first ever Sprint Triathalon.

It was 500m of Ocean Swimming, 26km of Beautiful B.C Biking, and a 5km Run. All in all an investment of 1hr and 46mins of my Sunday morning.

It was a blast, honestly I enjoyed every minute of it. It is very interesting to me, to see how far you can push your body, and on that note, this week I will jump into training yet again, except this time it will be for a Half Marathon with some pretty cool people/pirates (?) down in LA.

So if you’re interested, stay tuned, if not, go sign up to Conan O’Brien’s TWITTER account it is AWESOME.

Peas OUt.