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Lunchtime and Lattes.

Posted: November 17, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, run

It was easy to run today. I was feeling guilty about sleeping 12 hours last night!! Wow, that may just be a new record for me. That helped, as well as continuously chanting in my head while running … Gwyn-eth Pal-trow, Gwyn-eth Pal-trow. Seriously, did you see her legs at the CMA’s?!?

Apparently, she's country strong. Don't know what that means, but I want to be it.

I think I’m going to try to run a few days a week on my lunch hour. It allows me to do shorter runs and work on my speed. Today was my personal best 5km…28:40. It also forces me to eat what I’ve brought for lunch (which is usually healthy leftovers from whatever Brad has made the night before) and no time to consider a starbucks “treat.” Which is really going to help the waistline considering the egg nog lattes are here!!! SB

Joy to the World!!! Egg Nog lattes are here!!


A big thanks to Gisele.

Posted: October 21, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, run, running gear

Today’s run: 10km time: 57:50 … and all thanks to the following celebrity beach body. (Zach just didn’t do it for me.)

All this and a cute baby too! Her husband’s not so bad either.

I had a pretty big break in my day at work and instead of filling my face with the seasonal  mini chocolate bars, I decided to head out for a run. It is a beautiful day and I was long past due for one! I also wanted to test out my new socks that we were given at the turkey trot. New Balance something or other socks. Is there really anything better than putting on a pair of brand new socks??!  They are even convieniently labelled left and right. Idiot proof!! I love it!

Brilliant! Labelled socks!

Now back to work to day dream about looking like Gisele, while wearing new socks and filling my face with mini coffee crisps. Life is good! SB

Calling all Piraterunners!!!

Posted: October 21, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, related blogs, run

I need your help!! I haven’t been out for a run since the turkey trot and I really need some encouragement and inspiration!! Is anyone else in a running lull? Misery does love company 😉  I should really sign up for a race, as I really think that would help me or I could just continue to check out celeb beach bodies… if this doesn’t inspire me, wait … this doesn’t inspire at all!

Zach rockin out his red one piece, yikes!

Other than the celebrity blogs I’ve also been following some other great blogs about running/fitness etc. I feel as though I’ve at least been running vicariously through these two lovely ladies:

Hopefully by weeks end I will have made the move from cyber runner to real life sprinter! SB



Running for Reese.

Posted: October 8, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, related blogs, run, Vancouver

Running … I’m losing hope. Thinking I will never ever love it. Today’s run: 8km – 43:53 The entire run was tough. Cardio wise, great! Endurance, good! Boredom? At an all time high!!! The only thing that really kept me going was the hope that I may see Reese running along with me on the seawall. You may think I’m kidding. I am absolutely not kidding. I wanted to quit after the first km and every km after that. Miss Witherspoon is in town filming her latest movie and as we all know (or maybe just us celebrity gossip addicts) she is an avid runner. Thought she might be out enjoying the fresh ocean air.


She makes running look like so much fun!!!! (hmmm ... she IS an Oscar winning actress)


I’ve decided that I need to change up my routes. Less seawall, more hills, sprint training, trail running etc. So I’ll be hitting up my friend Stacey over at Get Fit Chicks! for some much needs motivation and guidance. Check out her blog….it’s worth a visit!

How cute is she rockin out in downtown Van City! ( Note: She actually carries her sneakers around with her!?! She’s hard core!)

As for today…no sightings. Just a sore knee and a much needed glass of wine. Cheers to frozen peas! SB

Fell off the blogging train.

Posted: October 4, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, run, Vancouver, Yoga

I’m going to make this quick. I have been running … just not blogging. Spending too much time on Perezhilton. (Lindsay’s escapades have been far more interesting then even my last running experience!)

This week I took on more runs around the beautiful seawall. Across several bridges….check out this veiw!! I took a quick break on the Granville bridge to snap this shot on Thursday. Couldn’t help myself.



A perfect excuse to take a short breather after 10km.


As for today, I checked out the yoga show at Canada place. I had the opportunity to visit my friend Susanne (She’s pretty much a celebrity here in Vancouver, in every Semperviva ad out there.) I also picked up two things I’m excited about:

1)  A passport to Prana. It’s a multi studio yoga pass that was $30, and allows one free visit at 30+ studios in Vancouver and surrounding area. (I also picked one up for Brad, nothing says love like side by side downward dogs.) I’ve really wanted to incorporate yoga into my training on a regular basis and this will allow us to check out a few different studios and it was only $30 bucks!!

2) Udo’s oil (3.6.9 blend) which is a certified organic, sustainable and fish free blend of plant-sourced oils. It is apparently great for many different things.



The perfect 3.6.9 blend?!


A few of the reported benefits include:

-increased musclar endurance

-increased cardio endurance … run farther, faster and longer! (If this is true, I will be one happy piraterunner!)

-plus many more!!

Figure we will incorporate it into our smoothies, salad dressings etc. I’ll let you know how it goes. SB


A Ruga day!

Posted: September 21, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, run, running gear, Yoga

Today I decided to start a proper training schedule for a 1/2 marathon. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I am considering running the fall classic here in Vancity in November and I now have a benchmark time to beat! I started back running on Sunday with a 5km run. Felt good to get back out running and even threw in a few hills! Believe me, I’m still not lovin the running …. Let’s just say I’m in major “like.”



Unlike this nut who runs everyday!!! I already knew she was crazy...but, everyday!?!


I was definitely tested by the running Gods today! My ipod died approx. halfway through my run. Which according to my “Nike coach” was to be 5miles long with 4x400m sprints (2-4 minute jogs in between.) I shockingly continued to run (and sprint) even after the unfortunate death. I ran the approx. 5miles and completed all four sprints, which were tough…but made the regular paced running seem so much easier!!!

I then returned home for the “ga” part of my day. 90 min of yoga with the douchiest (is that even a word?) yogi I have ever seen. Those of you who have done the P90x yoga dvd will agree!



Sadly...I completed a yoga dvd lead by this man. It was X-treme!


I’ve decided I need to incorporate yoga into my running schedule more often. It felt good to stretch, and my hips are still thanking me. My eyes and ears…not so much. Mr. Horton is definitely not zen. SB

Better late than never!

Posted: September 15, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, travel

It’s been over a week since our run and I’m just now blogging about it.  Now…where to begin?? I could go on and on about our amazing trip to California. We really had such a great time but this blog was started for running updates, motivation etc. So, why don’t I just mention a few highlights. I know you’re all dying to hear about the run!

On the day of our arrival (Friday) Brad and I decided that we would let the our fellow piraterunners experience Disneyland on their own and we would explore L.A. and surrounding area. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

After checking out the stars on the walk of fame, we decided we’d try and spot some real ones. Which is why we then headed to the Chateau Marmont. I was so set on seeing a celebrity. There we saw Richard Lewis and Josh Duhamel, or as Brad referred to him “Fergie’s husband”. No photography is allowed inside, so we snapped this by the garage. (Yes, I’m a nerd)

I'm not afraid to admit I'm a celebrity whore! I was so excited to be in L.A!!

We then decided to make our way to Santa Monica, driving through Beverly Hills and past a few other landmarks. We were both shocked to see yet another celebrity while approaching the pier.  None other than….Rob Lowe!!!

Rob Lowe Yo! Shooting a movie right in front of our eyes!

We then headed along the coast, taking in some of the beautiful beaches. One of Brad’s favorites was Manhattan Beach which is where a lot of volleyball tournaments are held. It was gorgeous! We stopped in Long Beach for dinner before heading to our hotel in Anaheim. We had tried to find a restaurant that was featured on the food network’s “Diners, drive-ins and Dives” but it was closed. So, we settled for a restaurant called The Crab Pot, which has been featured on the food network’s “Man vs. Food”

Bahaha...did the pot of seafood actually think it could defeat the Bodnarchuks!!

Bahaha...did the pot of seafood actually think it could defeat the Bodnarchuks!?

Saturday we woke up and met up with our fellow piraterunners to make our way to California adventure where the mini pirates were participating in their runs. (Photos in my previous blog) Before reaching the start line we took the time to have someone snap a shot of us in our snazzy new t-shirts courtesy of Trish.

We got lots of look from other park goers...envious, jealous glares I'm sure!

From there we had a great day exploring the parks which involved a lot of walking…just warming up our muscles for what was to come!! SB