What was I thinking!?!

Posted: November 23, 2010 by sarahbod in Uncategorized

Today was cold!!! -9 in Vancouver! I’m sure that’s a record. I’ve been living here for seven and a half years and I don’t think I’ve experienced cold like this before…here anyway. This is why I made the executive decision to run inside tonight on the treadmill. Which I hate!!! After 30 minutes of mundane running I threw in the towel (Or would have, if I had a towel to throw!)

Now I’ve just gotten off the phone with Brad, who is in Dubai, where it is has a high of 29 degrees all week and am thinking to myself….why oh why did I not go with him!?! We felt that it was too much for the flight. Seriously, isn’t 29 degrees in November priceless?!?

He will be attending a party tomorrow at Atlantis the Palms…wowie wow!!!  It looks incredible. Instead I am googling articles related to running in cold weather. I’ve found the following articles which may actually be helpful:

1.Cold weather running tips 2.Is Cold-Weather Running Bad For You?

I’ll leave you with a picture of the palms … which leaves me asking .. What was I thinking?!?! SB

Atlantis!?! Yes please!


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