It must be Voodoo witchcraft!!

Posted: November 12, 2010 by sarahbod in RACES, run, travel

I don’t know how she does it?!?! I spent my entire run today thinking about the New York Marathon in 2011. Last night Trish let me know that she had applied for the marathon, which is completely chosen by lottery. She also suggested that I do the same. I have always said that I have no interest in doing a full marathon…none at all!!!!! Somehow, some way … she manages to magically get my mind thinking that it may actually be a great idea! Much like she did with the Disneyland 1/2.

At what angle does this look like a great idea?!?!

I’m serious….the whole run. Which I was happy about. 10km in just under an hour, in the pouring rain. I thought about this marathon. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it is the same weekend as the Immortal Tour/Cirque du Soliel that Brad and I just got tickets for!!! The New York Marathon happens every year! MJ and Cirque…once in a lifetime!!! Oh no, what to do. There are no guarantees I’ll even get in, but should I take the chance? In the words of “skinnyrunner” “It was magical!” Which makes the decision even harder!!! So, I’ll do what I always do. I’ll sleep on it. I’m really good at that!  SB



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