Bring on the balls.

Posted: November 2, 2010 by sarahbod in FOOD

The runs have been dwindling since it’s now dark when I get up and dark when I finish work. I do have a late start tomorrow for work so hopefully I’ll get my lazy butt out for a run. In the meantime I have been keeping myself busy in the kitchen. Last week my girlfriend Erin was over and we took over the kitchen and made ourselves some balls…Arvinda’s orange-almond chai running balls that is. I found the recipe in Canadian Running magazine and decided to give them a try as the recipe claims that they “pack a powerful combo of protein, fibre and carbs.”

Holy ingrediants Batman!!

The mag also claims that “They’re perfect as a long run treat or post-workout recovery snack.

"They taste...healthy" - Erin

I know that Erin was disappointed that the balls weren’t a tasty dessert type treat, but I do know that she enjoyed the “ball” jokes that took place throughout the process of making them. This video may have been our inspiration, classic. SB


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