Turkey trot in 3 more sleeps!

Posted: October 9, 2010 by sarahbod in RACES, Vancouver

Think I’m more excited about engorging myself with turkey on Sunday with 11 of my closet friends but lets pretend I’m looking forward to Monday’s 10km run.  Funnily enough I’m just as nervous for this run as the 1/2 marathon. Unsure why because I generally run a 10km or more a week. I think it’s because the word “race’ is involved. Or maybe the fact that we’ll be wearing time chips. Talk about keeping us honest!!


It's the turkey trot RACE! ... Get your mind outta the gutter!


My girlfriend Fiona is joining Brad and I for the run and we plan to make the most of it!  My right knee is still sore and I just read the following article … gotta love internet self diagnosing! Maybe I’ll take one more day off of running…ok, maybe two. 😉 SB


I'll just pretend Aunt Gerty is chasing me during the race!!!



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