Fell off the blogging train.

Posted: October 4, 2010 by sarahbod in celebrities, run, Vancouver, Yoga

I’m going to make this quick. I have been running … just not blogging. Spending too much time on Perezhilton. (Lindsay’s escapades have been far more interesting then even my last running experience!)

This week I took on more runs around the beautiful seawall. Across several bridges….check out this veiw!! I took a quick break on the Granville bridge to snap this shot on Thursday. Couldn’t help myself.



A perfect excuse to take a short breather after 10km.


As for today, I checked out the yoga show at Canada place. I had the opportunity to visit my friend Susanne (She’s pretty much a celebrity here in Vancouver, in every Semperviva ad out there.) I also picked up two things I’m excited about:

1)  A passport to Prana. It’s a multi studio yoga pass that was $30, and allows one free visit at 30+ studios in Vancouver and surrounding area. (I also picked one up for Brad, nothing says love like side by side downward dogs.) I’ve really wanted to incorporate yoga into my training on a regular basis and this will allow us to check out a few different studios and it was only $30 bucks!!

2) Udo’s oil (3.6.9 blend) which is a certified organic, sustainable and fish free blend of plant-sourced oils. It is apparently great for many different things.



The perfect 3.6.9 blend?!


A few of the reported benefits include:

-increased musclar endurance

-increased cardio endurance … run farther, faster and longer! (If this is true, I will be one happy piraterunner!)

-plus many more!!

Figure we will incorporate it into our smoothies, salad dressings etc. I’ll let you know how it goes. SB


  1. Brian Wilson says:

    Hey Sarah!!! Keep up the Blog, I really like reading about your exploits. I knew I raised you not to step over some old lady in distress;-) Keep it up Hon. Luv Dad OOX

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