One for the history books.

Posted: September 27, 2010 by sarahbod in run, running gear, Vancouver

Didn’t want to run today or yesterday … or Friday. This is why my scheduled run for Friday actually took place today. Better late than never though. So, today I ran 10.13km in 1:02:11. Not my greatest 10km run but I will blame the extra few minutes on my saving a crack head from near death. I wish I was kidding. It is a story that will trump all of my running experiences.

As I was beginning to climb the stairs leading to the Burrard street bridge I notice that half way up there was a young guy standing over a woman who was obviously having trouble standing. As I approached she kept saying she was sorry to me. Sorry for what I am still unsure. She honestly looked like she was going to pass out. So, being a small town girl at heart I offered her water. No need to worry … my water bottle did not come anywhere near her or her mouth. I pretty much just doused her as per her request.  Sick! She seemed to come to after the water and carried on her merry way to do God knows what!

Needless to say…the run will go down in the history books. Gotta love Vancouver! Ha! Now for the real highlight of day…new running gloves!!!

Much like a crow I am attracted to all things shiny. pretty!

They go so well with my iFitness running belt I bought in Anaheim … oh, and I added the water bottles. 9.99 each from the running room. Do I dare say it? Bring on the colder weather … I wanna wear my new gloves! SB


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