Back on the wagon!

Posted: September 25, 2010 by piraterunner in 1/2 marathon, RACES, run

It’s been 19 days since my last run, and jeeze don’t it feel like i’m at AA or confessional or some shit like that. So yes I ran today, in this summer like condition. Not sure how many days we got left but I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of them. I also have to confess that I have not blogged about my fabulous half marathon run or my mini-piraterunner’s fabulous run! In case you didn’t know it, my daughter is an absolutely rock star when she runs. If you need proof well here it is…

As for my race other than having a little bit of a problem breathing (fabulous Anaheim air?) my body felt great, no pain. Lisa was a fabulous running partner, after mile 10 I did ask for her to bid me adieu. She was having a fabulous race and I felt like my breathing was holding her back. Strangely once she took off I started to breathe better so who knows maybe it was anxiety lol. My next race I have promised myself no camera. I am interested to see what my time would be if I didn’t stop like a paparazzi for every character, oh and Lisa and I stopped alot…

I have about 100 more pictures from the race but I think you get the point. Well I attempted to sign up for the Zoo race but it was already sold out boo!!!!!! I am seriously contemplating signing up for the Toronto Marathon or at least the half but Glen is going to Finger Lakes golfing that weekend. I just feel that I need SOMETHING to run for. Regardless, I am back on the wagon and intend to stay there!


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