Finally Plum Smuggler has Blogged About Race Day!

Posted: September 21, 2010 by Grape Ape in 1/2 marathon, RACES, run


I look all business in this photo.


Alright kids, I know you have been on the edge of your seats waiting to jump on my back and join me on the 1/2 marathon. Well, wait no longer because here we go!

As you all know already, we had to get up at Oh God:30 in the morning and find some level of motivation to be mobile with out the aid of coffee. And most of you know how that goes. So we drug our old butts out of bed and began to gear up like we were about to wage war on an unsuspecting course. And like a special ops team we decided to attack before the course had a chance to wake up. I know, we were really sneaky attacking before dawn. So with running clothes on, pockets lined with all the latest running aids like cliff blocks and power shots and ipods strapped to us like weapons we left the hotel to join a collection of almost 13,000 others.

The walk that should have felt long went by way too quick as we got to the area where everyone is separated into corrals. This is the point where the Bodnarchuks left us to get a head start on the race. Knowing that they would have a ten minute jump on me gave me goal #1, catch those two. So Lisa, Trish and I waiting for all of the groups ahead of us to go, the anticipation mounts and pushes all of the fluid in your body straight to your bladder making you have to pee at the most inopportune time. Slowly our group began to push toward the start and I gave Lisa that good bye hug and kiss and wish her and Trish the best of luck because I have a job to do and that is to crush this course. So through the starting gate I go with the intensity of a Marine running out of the back of a plane ready to ready to land in the middle of a war zone. I know, you are all wondering what it must be like to spend a day in my head. But now back to our journey together.

The first two miles were not the easiest because as I mentioned before, I had to pee and that feeling was not going away. Finally at mile 2 there was a washroom without a line so I bolted for it. Now feeling relieved I could get back to work. Now the first 5 miles proved to be a challenge because I was dodging other runners and trying to find my stride which was not easy on the narrow running path that made it’s way through Disney. Now out of the park I was able to open up the stride a bit and charge forward, after all Brad and Sarah were up there some where and I need to find them.

One of the best motivations I found along the way were all the cheerleaders lined up on the edges of the course outside the park. And if you have ever played a school sport you know if you see a line of cheerleaders and they are cheering for you, get your hand up and touch some palms. So that is what I did, I put the hand out. Come on girls you’re cheering for me, get those palms out here and if you’re literate read the name on my bib and yell something like; “Go Anthony!” I know, it should have said Tony. That would have been easier to shout, but we are moving on. Pumped up from the miles of high fives I am handing out like candy on Halloween, I kick it up a notch. As I run I continue to look at my watch at every mile to check my pace and try to improve it because goal #2 is to finish in about 2 hours. As I approached mile 6 I noticed the “Wall” Now if you have ever run you know what wall I am talking about. That time when you feel like you can’t continue. As dad taught me, there are two ways to handle the wall. The first way is to stop and look at the wall and ask yourself how you are going to make it over this wall. And the right way, put your head down and run through the wall because if you keep going the wall falls down and you can keep moving. While pushing through my wall I noticed two butts that looked very familiar. It’s Bodnarchuk butts! Suddenly my wall was hit with a grenade, bye bye wall hello Brad and Sarah. Goal #1, done. Now that was the motivation I need to dig deep and keep my stride. Oh, and more high fives from the cheerleaders. Clap my hand girls, I’m your favourite runner while I am with in arms reach and you are letting me know that.

Let’s move forward a bit, you have all heard about the places we ran through and past so nothing new there, it was awesome. I will take you to mile 12. Before running to mile marker 12 I felt like I could do this all day. But right after passing that marker it felt like I was pushing a truck the rest of the way. For that last mile I pushed as hard as I could but I felt like I was running in quick sand. I dug deep and listened to the version of my dad that lives in my head scream motivational words like, “Go! Pick your F***ing feet up and finish this!” So through the finish I went. Final time 2:06:03. Goal #2, close enough.


The Man, the Myth, the Legend


Well, it felt great to do this with such a great group and I hope we can all keep this up. I know Sarah has a race in mind for her, and I have something in mind as well. So to all of you keep up the running and I will blog some motivation on occasion.


After the race enjoying the accomplishment together.



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