One for the road.

Posted: September 2, 2010 by sarahbod in run, Vancouver

Tonight I set out on my last run before “the run”. I procrastinated for a while at work and then decided I had better get my lazy butt going, considering it’s starting to get dark so much earlier. I started off the run across the Cambie bridge and was lucky enough to catch the end of the sunset, beautiful!

Pink sky at night...sailors delight! Good news for the piraterunners!

My 10km run also took me past BC place which is receiving a face lift a.k.a. a retractable roof that is costing 458 million dollars!!!

A little blurry...could not stop running!

I felt pretty good throughout my run, which surprised me really. I haven’t been out since before my Vegas trip!  People have told me time and again that running is really mind over matter. This is totally true!! I completed an hour long run feeling as though I could go for much longer….probably not true…but I told myself I could and that is what I will continue to tell myself until Sunday. Now that the physical training is over, let the brainwashing begin!!!! SB


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