This book may be the death of me…

Posted: August 6, 2010 by piraterunner in celebrities, travel

Well I survived my little trip to Detroit. I had intended on running 8 miles on 8 mile but that didn’t pan out. Katiekins and I had a fabulous time and we were able to make her 10-year-long dream of meeting Jack White come true with the help of Paula’s post-it-note-theory and a little stalking.

So i finished reading this book …


and I feel well prepared for out little trip, maybe a little too prepared. I think I have mapped out every second, every ride, every food item that I want to try. Heck I kinda feel like I did it already! So I’ve decided that I am going to run a kind of mental/spiritual/physical marathon on the Friday (this book had me so scared that we are leaving a day early just to cram it all it) the Ideias family will be attempting the…

Dumbo-or-Die-in-a-day Plan

1. Arrive 40 minutes before the offical opening time and line up in front of Gate 13.
2. Go to Fantasyland and ride Dumbo.
3. Ride Peter Pan's Flight.
4. 0ride the Storybook Land Canal Boats or Casey Jr. Circus Train.
5. Ride the Mad Hatter Tea Party.
6. Ride Alice In Wonderland.
7. Go to Mickey's Toontown; try Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
8. Ride Gadget's Go Coaster.
9. Check out Goofy's Playhouse.
10. Tour Mickey's House and visit Mickey in his dressing room.
11. See Chip n' Dales Treehouse.
12. Tour Minnie's house.
13. 0check out Donald's Boat tied up next to Goofy's Playhouse.
14. Take Disneyland Railroad from Toontown Station to New Orleans Square.
15. Go to Critter Country and experience Winnie the Pooh.
16. Return to New Orleans Square and see Pirates of The Caribbean.
17. Experience the Haunted Mansion.
18. Take a raft to Tom Sawyer Island and explore.
19. Take Disneyland Railroad from New Orleans Square Station to Fantasyland.
20. In Fantasyland, ride It's a Small World.
21. Visit the Disney Prinecess Fantasy Faire at the Fantasyland Theatre.
22. Ride the King Arthur Carousel.
23. Ride Pinocchio's Daring Journey.
24. Go to Frontierland and ride the Mark Twain Riverboat or the Sailing Ship Columbia.
25. Go to. Adventureland and explore Tarzan's Treehouse.
26. See the Enchanted Tiki Room show.
27. Go to Tomorrowland and obtain FASTPASSes foe autopia.
28. Check the Times Guide for parades and live performances. The Jedi Training Academy at the Tomorrowland Terrance is especially worthwhile.
29. Take the Disneyland monorail for a round-trip ride.
30. Ride Autopia using your FASSPASSes.
31. Obtain FASSPASSes for Buzz Lightyear either before or after riding Autopia.
32. Revisit favorite attractions or see others you missed. Check you daily entertainment scedule for parades, Fantasyland Theatre productions, or other live entertainment.

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