Running ain’t cheap!

Posted: August 3, 2010 by sarahbod in run, running gear, Vancouver

My run today had the potential to be very expensive.  The run itself was actually not too bad. I made the rookie mistake of heading out on my run at 11:00am. So it was hot. I had my route planned before I left and had a goal of 10km. Which I completed in 1:01:23. Slower than my previous 10km but I was just happy to finish after having taken a few days off. I also loved running over the Burrard bridge and through Yaletown where I questioned on more than one occasion if people were walking gerbals or small dogs.


The bridge to near disaster!

Now to the “expensive” part of my run. I’ll keep it short. As many of you know I seem to think Blackberrys are disposable. Today was no exception. My Blackberry fell out of my ever so fashionable fanny pack after crossing the bridge and I didn’t realize it until approx. 2 km after it had fallen out. Thankfully, crisis was averted when I retraced my steps and found it!! Phew! Secondly, my  ipod nano (Which I have previously washed on two occasions) has a “foggy” screen from my profuse sweating during the run. It has not quite returned to normal, but fingers are crossed!! I may be slightly disgusted and embarrassed if it survives two trips through the washing machine and not running with me. SB


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