Run across the country.

Posted: July 28, 2010 by sarahbod in family, run, travel

Ok, so maybe the title is slightly misleading. It should actually be “run on the other side of the country.” Monday night I returned to Vancouver after a 6 day vacation back home in Ontario. I had such a great time and even fit in a few runs. I had my first experience running along a beach. It was awesome!!! The sand was packed pretty tight due to a rain storm the night before. Which made the run pretty easy and my knees were loving it! I also had the pleasure of taking engagement pics of my brother and his fiance Katie on the very same beach.


Dave and Katie's public make-out on Wasaga Beach

As Trish blogged earlier we also had a group run/boot camp lead by Sargent Kristy “Oral Specialist” Johns. She worked us hard and left us pretty tired after a shorter run that included knee-ups, lunges and side steps. I think the real work-out was the ab work I received from all the laughing!! I love those ladies and miss them already!

Now back to reality …. and more running. SB


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