Big Ups!

Posted: July 28, 2010 by Grape Ape in piraterunners, run

That is right people, Big Ups. But I am not talking about that hit boy…….man band from Temekula that opened up for O Town. Google it. I am talking about the idea of not having the patience to increase gradually. I increased my run from 10k to 16k and added bigger more painful hills to the route because I wanted to see if I could do it. In other words if I were an action film hero I most certainly not be the handsome patient methodical hero that gradually takes out the bad guys one at a time. Oh no, I am that rugged looking man that should have shaved or washed his clothes that walks into a warehouse with 20 or more bad guys armed with two six shooters and no extra ammo betting on my ability to take out enough guys to grab one of their pieces and keep moving until they are all gone.

Now this morning started out with me having that shining moment where I convince myself that I can run 8k to my office and turn around and run 8k back. Lisa tried to tell me that I might want to try gradually increasing my run. All that did is fire up that voice in the back of my head that sounds a lot like dad, “WHAT THE F!?! Now there is no f-ing question, you are doing this run just so you can prove you can!” So on the running gear went and out the door I go. The first thing that came to mind when I started the run was, “Man it’s hot out here.” And it was, I started the run about 10:30am and the sun was a blazing. Nothing else to do at this time but goat the sun into bringing it on. Now that I am done trash talking the sun it is time to focus on finding my stride and this is not the job for an angry song. Thankfully the play list and I have mad up since the end of my last run and there it was to give me the right song, Cold War Kids – Audience. Stride found, let’s run.

Well despite the fact that I add more hills that were larger than before I didn’t notice them. First 8k were a breeze, got lost in the play list. I had a brief 5 minute stop at the office to set up using the bus for an event and sign up for a 10k run. Sweaty high fives later and I am running back before motivation fades. The sun hasn’t forgotten my loving comments and is giving me all it has. That doesn’t slow me down though. This run has still been a breeze then it was almost like there was a brick wall at the 13k mark. All the sudden the legs got heavy, my feet were pounding and I was emitting so much heat that it was effecting my ability to breath. I kept pushing through and got lost in yet another good some, Said the Whale – Camilo. It carried me all the way to shade. Thank you pile of giant trees providing me a retreat from that giant yellow oven in the sky.

I am sailing smoothly again until I get to the base of the f-ing hill that I live on top of. And if the hill isn’t bad enough, he has help from his friend the sun. I quickly give them both the one finger wave letting them know that I was coming and away I went. It felt like I was trying to push a bus full of school kids up the hill today but thank god there were people around because that reminds me that I can’t be weak. Suddenly that voice chimes in again, “Push this f-ing bus up this f-ing hill!” Thanks dad for being that angry voice in my head. I growl and grunt my way up that hill and thought I might die when it was done, but it was done. 16k (9.9 miles) 1:48:08.

Now to up date the family front. Lisa is running religiously and not blogging about it but she should be ready come race day. Kayson is running around all the time so the 100 meter race doesn’t concern him. Deacon is so confident in his conditioning that he isn’t even crawling yet to get ready for his diaper dash.

Plum Smuggler from the top of the F-ing hill.


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