Is it me….or is it hot out here?!

Posted: July 13, 2010 by piraterunner in family, Music, run

So running in Mississauga this past week has royally sucked. It is stankin’ hot but I’ve been doing it anyway. Thankfully I live close to the lake so it is a bit cooler. Stella and Guido decided to join me for my run Saturday…

Guido kept taking breaks to cool his tummy on the grass which in turn made Stella wanna get out of her jogging stroller and roll on the ground.

Thankfully my run at 7a.m. was a little more productive. Other  than difficulty breathing it was smooth sailing. Oh Sarah since you’ve started the “what we listen to when we run” segment here is my contribution I CANNOT STOP listening to this album (are they still called albums?) The Black Keys— Brothers absolutely fabulous and the video is so gosh darn cute!


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