Isn’t this the greatest gift ever!?!?!

Posted: July 6, 2010 by sarahbod in family, RACES, run

So, it’s almost been 2 months since my last entry…brutal. Much like my running I’ve been inconsistently, consistent.

I’ve promised Trish that I would add to the blog by the weeks end and that it would be her birthday gift. So, here it is!! Let me bring you up to date. I’ve been pretty good with my running during the week. Weekends, not so much. This is why I will start blogging on a regular basis. It will keep me motivated, and honest. I really have no excuses, especially when I have this view from my operatory at work and watch 20+ runners run by each day. Talk about motivation!

Can you spot the runner???

Oh, and did I mention I have my amazing husband to thank for motivation as well? Congrats on completing your first sprint triathlon!!! I am so proud of you.


Brad finishing the Subaru Sprint Triathlon - Vancouver, BC


Now, back to why we are blogging. Today I did a short 5km run. On a treadmill…yuck! I was hoping it would help me improve my time/speed. Didn’t really as it wasn’t my fastest 5km time. Oh well. Tomorrow….I will try for a morning run. Hmmm, this honesty thing is going to be tough. 😉  SB


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