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Who are the piraterunners?

Posted: July 30, 2010 by piraterunner in mini pirates, piraterunners

Todays feature is on Lisa. Heck, I figured if featuring Tony (plum smuggler) last week got him blogging it might work for Lisa. As Tony mention yesterday Lisa has been super diligent with her runs. How this woman finds time with those pint sized pirates around I will never know. Lisa has stated that it is bad enough that we are making her run, let alone blogging about it! She also said that she is going to start listening to an ipod when she runs just so she doesn’t have to talk to anyone. Gotta love this girl!


P.S. we really need a good nickname for the plum smugglers wife, any suggestions?


Reasons to Run.

Posted: July 29, 2010 by sarahbod in 1/2 marathon, run, running articles, running gear, WINE!

The obvious reason for myself, at this moment is that I am running a 1/2 marathon in just a little over 5 weeks! The other reasons have not been so obvious, but after last night I realized that it has also become a common interest for Brad and I (and my fellow piraterunners) which is pretty cool.

We went for our first run together after some time. I really haven’t wanted to run with him since his triathlon because I thought he may be too fast. I did however keep up with him throughout our entire 8km run and enjoyed not only our time together, but the run too! Imagine that!?! We finished our run in around 45 min…I think. Our nike/ipod thingy’s weren’t exactly on the same page.

The Nike ipod sensor can currently be described as "shady" hmmmm.

I can’t say for sure if I’ll continue running after September, but may after reading the following article.

Let’s be real … I don’t exactly love running,  but I do love red wine and those empty calories aren’t gonna burn themselves! SB

After Eight 8k

Posted: July 29, 2010 by bbodnarchuk in run, Vancouver

Nothing beats a little 8km run with your better half, especially after 8pm

I won’t lie I was hungry and cranky, and didn’t want to run, but having my wife nipping at my heels from the minute we started it was a great motivation to get my ass in gear.

It was a great run that Sarah devised that took me to places near to our house in Vancouver that I didn’t even know existed. Not only was I able to knock out a 8km run with my wife I was also able to explore some new parts of this amazing city.

Until next time. Keep your sticks on the ice.


Run across the country.

Posted: July 28, 2010 by sarahbod in family, run, travel

Ok, so maybe the title is slightly misleading. It should actually be “run on the other side of the country.” Monday night I returned to Vancouver after a 6 day vacation back home in Ontario. I had such a great time and even fit in a few runs. I had my first experience running along a beach. It was awesome!!! The sand was packed pretty tight due to a rain storm the night before. Which made the run pretty easy and my knees were loving it! I also had the pleasure of taking engagement pics of my brother and his fiance Katie on the very same beach.


Dave and Katie's public make-out on Wasaga Beach

As Trish blogged earlier we also had a group run/boot camp lead by Sargent Kristy “Oral Specialist” Johns. She worked us hard and left us pretty tired after a shorter run that included knee-ups, lunges and side steps. I think the real work-out was the ab work I received from all the laughing!! I love those ladies and miss them already!

Now back to reality …. and more running. SB

Big Ups!

Posted: July 28, 2010 by Grape Ape in piraterunners, run

That is right people, Big Ups. But I am not talking about that hit boy…….man band from Temekula that opened up for O Town. Google it. I am talking about the idea of not having the patience to increase gradually. I increased my run from 10k to 16k and added bigger more painful hills to the route because I wanted to see if I could do it. In other words if I were an action film hero I most certainly not be the handsome patient methodical hero that gradually takes out the bad guys one at a time. Oh no, I am that rugged looking man that should have shaved or washed his clothes that walks into a warehouse with 20 or more bad guys armed with two six shooters and no extra ammo betting on my ability to take out enough guys to grab one of their pieces and keep moving until they are all gone.

Now this morning started out with me having that shining moment where I convince myself that I can run 8k to my office and turn around and run 8k back. Lisa tried to tell me that I might want to try gradually increasing my run. All that did is fire up that voice in the back of my head that sounds a lot like dad, “WHAT THE F!?! Now there is no f-ing question, you are doing this run just so you can prove you can!” So on the running gear went and out the door I go. The first thing that came to mind when I started the run was, “Man it’s hot out here.” And it was, I started the run about 10:30am and the sun was a blazing. Nothing else to do at this time but goat the sun into bringing it on. Now that I am done trash talking the sun it is time to focus on finding my stride and this is not the job for an angry song. Thankfully the play list and I have mad up since the end of my last run and there it was to give me the right song, Cold War Kids – Audience. Stride found, let’s run.

Well despite the fact that I add more hills that were larger than before I didn’t notice them. First 8k were a breeze, got lost in the play list. I had a brief 5 minute stop at the office to set up using the bus for an event and sign up for a 10k run. Sweaty high fives later and I am running back before motivation fades. The sun hasn’t forgotten my loving comments and is giving me all it has. That doesn’t slow me down though. This run has still been a breeze then it was almost like there was a brick wall at the 13k mark. All the sudden the legs got heavy, my feet were pounding and I was emitting so much heat that it was effecting my ability to breath. I kept pushing through and got lost in yet another good some, Said the Whale – Camilo. It carried me all the way to shade. Thank you pile of giant trees providing me a retreat from that giant yellow oven in the sky.

I am sailing smoothly again until I get to the base of the f-ing hill that I live on top of. And if the hill isn’t bad enough, he has help from his friend the sun. I quickly give them both the one finger wave letting them know that I was coming and away I went. It felt like I was trying to push a bus full of school kids up the hill today but thank god there were people around because that reminds me that I can’t be weak. Suddenly that voice chimes in again, “Push this f-ing bus up this f-ing hill!” Thanks dad for being that angry voice in my head. I growl and grunt my way up that hill and thought I might die when it was done, but it was done. 16k (9.9 miles) 1:48:08.

Now to up date the family front. Lisa is running religiously and not blogging about it but she should be ready come race day. Kayson is running around all the time so the 100 meter race doesn’t concern him. Deacon is so confident in his conditioning that he isn’t even crawling yet to get ready for his diaper dash.

Plum Smuggler from the top of the F-ing hill.

Who says Sarah doesn’t run on weekends?

Posted: July 26, 2010 by piraterunner in family, run

I am very excited that Sarah and I got to run together this weekend at our Oral Specialists Reunion

Kristy lead in a run/booty boot camp making us do all sorts of backwards running, lunges and off roading

we had a serious case of the hot and sweaties afterwards

Miss Stella even got some training in for her 100M this weekend!

Fabulous weekend!!!!!!! Missed all who couldn’t make it! TI

Up Hill Both Ways!?!

Posted: July 23, 2010 by Grape Ape in hills, run

Well, I guess it is time to me to contribute to this blog. I am the plum smuggler in the banana hamock known as Tony. The distance today is 10k and for those of you that don’t know where I live, it’s on a hill. And a mother of a hill to run up, but for some reason every route I map out it is at the end of the run because I would rather run .6k with 100 meters in elevation change than a gradual 2.5k to make the same height. Now that that is out of the way I will tell you that today there were three hills in the route because I can’t avoid them unless I run laps around one of the local blocks, but them the neighbours may think I am either casing their houses or suffering for early onset Alzheimer’s and am running around panicked because I forgot where I live. No matter, it doesn’t sound fun anyway. The run started out well enough, I ran up the first hill like it wasn’t there. I think I even remember spitting on the top of the hill and saying something loving like, “You ain’t got s*** hill!” And of course for every hill you run up there is a side for you to run down. Now this is a welcome relief, a bit of a break if you will before hill number two. Now either I was lucky to not catch any red lights to stop at and contemplate why the hell I am doing this to myself or the universe gave me the giant finger and said, “No rest for you Tony!” Many of you may not know this but I can’t stop running if there are people around and I blame this on dear old Dad. The problem is no one knows how far you have run so for all they know you are weak, and I can’t have that. So leg cramps be damned I’m not going to stop running because there are people every where. At the start of hill number two, which of course is large and worse than the one before it, my ankle starts to hurt. Nothing beats having a metal plate and screws holding your ankle together. Unlike the bionic man, when that was rebuilt it wasn’t better, faster or stronger. T.V. why have you forsaken me!?! With every stride that pain goes flying up the leg and with the best timing ever the play list gets into some angry music. First song to drive me up hill two is Slipknot – My Plague. That song not only inspired me to keep running but made me want to run over anyone that was in my way. Just what I need to tell the ankle pain to f*** off. Now I’m pumped and ready to go and thank you play list for being that fuel because the next song up was System of a Down. I’m not quite sure which one but I was fired up and screaming. People on the same side of the road that I was running on looked scared for their lives. Maybe next time I won’t scream with the song. I think the play list knew that I was looking like a maniac so the third song in the push past my pain was Eminem – White Trash Party. I know, it sounds a bit off but for some reason this song was just what I needed to stay motivated at this point. Hill two, ended somewhere in the middle of that set of songs. Hill two, who’s your daddy!?!

At this point all is well. I am past the mid point and I feel great. I have beat that ankle into submission and it is ready to cooperate. Away we go and still no lights to slow me down. Finally there is only .6k to go and I haven’t had to stop once. I am feeling unstoppable at this point but I am now at the base of that mother f-ing hill that I live on the top of and it is starring down at me as if to say, “Good luck” Of all times for the play list to move to a less angry Rage Against the Machine – Year of the Boomerang. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song and it’s on the play list but now is the time for the play list to know that I need some serious teenage angst not this bubbly tune by Rage. Play list why have you forsaken me!?! None the less I charge forward to lay siege on this hill. Just about half way up the hill and welcome back ankle pain but that isn’t going to stop me because there are people around and I need to remind them that I am not weak, I am running up this ridiculous f-ing hill that when it snows needs a chair lift. Onward and upward. Just past the halfway point up this f-ing hill and my legs feel like ground beef, my chest is on fire, sweat is blinding me and the play list isn’t cooperating. Time to revert to the throaty growl in the back of my head. This is the voice of my Dad telling me that pain is weakness leaving the body and I’ll rest when I’m dead. This inspires me to argue with the voice in my reminding this voice that I will actually rest at the top of this f-ing hill. Of course this argument doesn’t happen out load because I can barely breath because every time I exhale it is so hot that it burns up all the oxygen before I can breath it in. Finally I reach the top of this f-ing hill and finish the 10k run in 1 hour 4 minutes and 13 seconds which is just in time for the play list to give me angry music that is perfect for charging up a hill, nice timing play list.