So I started running again…

Posted: May 26, 2010 by piraterunner in FOOD, run

I did it 3 times last week not great, but I’ll take good. Hope everyone had a nice long weekend! It was hard to run while at the cottage making Chourico (that’s portuguese sausage) I was up to the elbows in intestines

Stella helped too!!!!

And let me tell you they were yum!!!!

So once Glen was able to strap on my runners and roll me out the door I was hoping to do my long run for the week, around 13km.

These lululemon leggings are a kudoos to Brett Micheals winning Apprentice (I didn’t actually watch the show, but I do feels like I’m in a 80’s hair band when I wear them!)

I love to run by water!!!!!

Not sure if it was the beer or sausage consumed this weekend but this plane was starting to look good to hotwire. I don’t want any convictions before the trip so I just decided to run back.

Hope this isn’t an omen, but I found a turtle in the lake the girls named him Squirt. Guido wants to keep him as a pet.

So tell me how your running is going.


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